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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Male Human Wizard: Painting Guide

It's been far too long since I last did a painting guide and since the blog has really been quiet in the past 6 weeks or so, I felt that I should at least manage one more painting guide before the end of 2013.  I have recently re-started my C&C campaign and I have a new player who's never played a tabletop RPG before -- he went with a wizard and based on what he wanted, I pulled out on of the Bones miniatures from Reaper that I had yet to paint and decided to do it up for him.

In many ways the model was not difficult to do and I'm really happy how it turned out.  As usual, I am working with the Citadel lines of paints but before painting, I primed the model with acrylic gesso.

As far as base coats were concerned, nothing too fancy.  Robes and hat were done in a 'Celestra Grey', inner coat in 'Naggaroth Night', beard and hair in 'Ceramite White', shoes and hat banding in 'Khorne Red', and scroll in 'Rakarth Flesh'.  Skin was done in a 'Gorthor Brown'. The staff (and belt pouch) was done with 'Dryad Bark' for the shaft and 'Balthasar Gold' for the head and base of the shaft.  I opted to use 'Warpstone Glow' for the ribbon tied to staff.

Once the entire base coat was done, I used 'Nuln Oil' as a shade very liberally over the entire model with the exception of the scroll itself.  The work on the scroll was among some of the last I would do to the model.  I touched up the purple with a bit of 'Druchi Violet' wash as well.

With the shading done, I did some drybrushing to bring out details and some of the highlights.  Robes and hat got some 'Longbeard Grey'

Robes and hat were done in a 'Longbeard Grey' and I used 'Praxeti White' for the beard and hair.  With the shading brought about by the 'Nuln Oil', the hair and beard looked a bit like a white but peppered beard -- exactly the kind of effect I was looking for.  Both ends of the staff got a a bit of 'Golden Griffon' to accentuate the gold effect already present from the base coat.

Coming back to the scroll, I used layers of drybrushing using 'Underhive Ash', 'Tyrant Skull' and 'Praxeti White' in combination with a wash of 'Seraphim Sepia' to get the texture and color I was after.

The very last thing on the model was the base.  It was a perfect excuse to try out one of Citadel's new technical paints -- the 'Agrellan Earth'.  It basically cracks when it dries giving it a very cool looking effect with a next to no fuss.  I was very happy with the effect and is similar to the effect you can get when using a crackle medium but without the long drying time and heavy coats.


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