What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fellwater Tales RPG Kickstarter

Well, this morning I promised I had some Kickstarter news and I do of various sorts...

First and foremost, I want to call you attention to an interesting new RPG project being launched.  No, it's not mine but the author and designer is a friend of mine and it is a project that seems very promising.  Of course, there are have been and will continue to be many, MANY Kickstarters as it's become more and more the thing to do when wanting to publish an endeavor such as this.  So, before going any further...

  • Yes the game is largely written already.  There's a bit more that needs to be done to finish up but, I have seen the primary text for the game which comes in at over 180 pages thus far.  All text, single spaced, and art.  When you check out the kickstarter and you see reference that this system has been worked on and off for the past couple of decades, and then see the text, yes... you it shows.
  • This isn't his first Kickstarter.  Brendan Meyers is a published author of more than 10 books and he has done a text book through Kickstarter.  This book in question is titled 'Clear & Present Thinking: A Handbook in Logic and Rationality' and is intended as a textbook in colleges and universities in the subject of philosophy / critical thinking.  The electronic version of this text book is free and, available HERE.  It was a successful project that pulled in over three times the required amount with just over 700 backers (including myself).
  • This isn't his first gaming project.  A short while ago, I reviewed a game of his called Iron Age: Council of the Clans.  It's a game I rather enjoyed and you can read about my experiences with it HERE.
So, for those you shy away from Kickstarter, he has a mostly finished product, he has experience with Kickstarter, he is an established writer as well as a gamer.  So, with some concerns alleviated, why would any of you be interested in another role playing game.

A fair question and one I will endeavor to try in answer in detail in the weeks ahead -- to be fair I've got about over 180 pages to digest.  I'll try and summarize it though.

This game is primarily a skill based system and doesn't have 'levels' in the sense we understand other game systems.  Each character has a set of stats termed 'virtues': Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Charisma, Perception, and Centre ranging from 1 to 7 and uses a point-buy system.  A player also chooses a path (which is basically like a profession), a lineage (your heritage), and source (closest thing would be alignment but not in a good and evil sense).  A point-buy system is also used to purchase skills for the starting character.

The system itself functions on opposed-rolls utilizing a d20 and adding the relevant stat (virtue) and skill ranks to the die roll for a total.  If it is equal to or higher the target or opposed roll, then the task being attempted is a success.

Of course, a game system is partially about the flavor and there seems to be tons.  If someone where to ask me what this game is closest to in terms of comparison, I would be a bit hard pressed to find a single example if you consider flavor and system.  I suppose it would be a cross between the Nephilim RPG and Vampire: The Masquarade though less dark than either.  With the flexible skill system and approach, you could even throw in a dash of the Elder Scrolls in there too.  The basic premise in the game is that you are essentially descended from the ancient gods.

All of this I will go into more detail in the weeks ahead but I heartily recommend that you check out the project HERE.

A couple of last points... Arcana Creations will be beta-testing the system which is why I have access to earlier documentation of the game.  If you are interested, you will quickly find out that this is a Canadian Kickstarter which won't be a problem as far as the exchange rate is concerned but won't be handled by the usual Amazon Payments as you might have expected.  It seems to be a Credit Card option only.

What about an Arcana Creations Kickstarter?  Yes... I am looking at one and possibly launching something very soon.  I am still doing some research and completing aspects of the projects before I try and raise money for it though.  ;)


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