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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Periodical Problems - Part II

I mentioned in my last entry the question of resources when it comes to the recent delays with the Crusader.  TLG's video blog (can be found off Facebook) confirms that this is very much the case in 2010.  Largely, projects like the Castle Keeper's Guide and a couple other large ones are the priority this year.  It's not so much an economic issue but rather a 'resource' problem -- meaning to say too few people working on many projects.

This is something I can relate with all to well.

The Castles & Crusades Society's efforts with their own free periodical was constantly suffering with this and still does.  While I'm no longer sure what will come of that, there are other ongoing efforts that might be of interest to some of the fans...

"Fight On!" and "Knockspell" are two periodicals which come to mind which some fans of Castles & Crusades may appreciate.  Fight On! had it's start in the spring of 2008 around the same time that the first issue of the Domesday came out.  I had written a simple review for the Domesday and wasn't even aware of Fight On! till mention of its availability began to appear on certain old-school gaming blogs.  This is a magazine that has managed to keep more or less on schedule and has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of size.  Knockspell on the other hand has only 3 issues to date and looks to have stalled a bit since last summer.  Both had been using a POD such as Lulu though Blackblade Publishing is now taking care of various releases out of Mythmere Games.  I expect the reason there isn't much more available in print is the cost that goes into publishing something like this.  I expect that Fight On! would do well if it cut the cord with Lulu and invested in a print run but the money required to do so might be challenging to acquire.  Once you get it out there, you also need to bank on the idea that sales will pay for the print run at the very least.  Once you start factoring in paying for the talent (artists and writers) on top of production, it becomes a very narrow margin of profit.

Of course with all the various fine blogs out there dedicated to the Old School Renaissance, there is plenty to read for ideas and inspiration.  Someone who isn't disposed to spend much money in a periodical like this can find lots of material to use without spending a dime.

However, there seems to be little support for SIEGE and C&C beyond what was first mentioned.  The only *active* third party options that exist for C&C is "Adventure Games Publishing" and my own "Arcana Creations".  AGP has had it's share of problems and AC is only really getting started.  It would be nice to see more available.

I would also love to present an alternative periodical for the fans.  Maybe after Victorious is released.



  1. For what it is worth I am looking at a semi-regular newsletter style item to fill in the needed gaps but, it would be strictly fan driven and with no guarantee of regularity beyond what gets submitted.

  2. ... When the time comes, I'll be happy to support a fan effort. I'm considering a commercial endeavor myself but a lot of research still needs to be done. :)

  3. http://grimmhaus.blogspot.com/

    See my comment on above site.