What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Progress ... Progress ... Progress !!

A handful of people are 'in the loop' when it comes to some of my work and projects with Arcana Creations.  I've decided to let those who read my blog in on my latest progress with Keith Hackwood's "A Trick on the Tain".  The thing is done.  Well... 99.5% done.  I'm about to go through it once more to spot any of those little typos that might have escaped my attention and once I am satisfied, two other people (one being the author) will also be reviewing the document to make sure everything is as it should be.  The information has been passed along our distributor and July is the official release as far as retail stores are concerned.  However, friends of the Brave Halfling will be able to get their copies sooner.  Aside from the final read through, the only piece of work that needs to be done is the quick reference table for the potential encounters in the module.  Those who have seen the full sized version of the "Secret of Ronan Skerry" will be familiar with what this looks like.  For those who haven't -- it's a one page sheet at the back of the module that gives a rundown of the encounters in a condensed format.

This all means that the material will be going to print in a matter of days.  As soon as this project is delivered, pre-orders will open up.  The regular price for this module is $9.95 but ordering it through Brave Halfling Publishing also means you get a PDF copy of the adventure as well as the hard copy.  And, like other BHP releases, you pretty much get the PDF upon purchase.  As soon as a link is available, I'll be posting it here.  Of course, similar announcements will find their way onto the TLG boards, Dragonsfoot, and the BHP forums themselves.

You know, I had worked on other projects before this one and, for whatever reason, this one was the longest.  Personal life took a few interesting twists... project was started on a different computer than the one I am using now.  I also shifted from various pieces of software I'm using for my various publication efforts.  Lastly, I had to replace my only monitor that chose to die on me a few days ago.  There have been a lot of change and I'm sure there will be more.  Hopefully, things will keep on rolling and various projects at Arcana Creations seem to have picked up a bit of speed of light.

Thanks for the support!


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