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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

After the Siege ...

Well, it's been more than five months since my last update.  The Fall Season was a very rough one with work (9-5 job where overtime took on a new meaning) and generally a day to day stressful and taxing routine became the norm.  Arcana Creations was the first to suffer with all this as various plans and ambitions fell to the wayside.  Many things have continued to change in the gaming industry but things have started getting back on track and my online presence has been beginning to re-assert itself since the new year.

The nicest compliments I have received have been from people who remember the work I have started to do and there have been a couple of offers of encouragement along the way.  As I predicted (though for different reasons) half a year ago, Arcana Creations is changing how it will go forward.  Thankfully, I have the full support of my publishing partner as well people who have worked with me in the past on various things.

It's time to rebuild.

It's time to start outlining a couple of the ideas I have and get the ball rolling on some of these.

First of all, Victorious is still being done.  Work had stalled largely last fall but I've been in communication with the author and things are still a go.  I hope to have some exciting news on this front soon enough as various aspects of this are still getting sorted out.  But I have a much clearer vision of what this should be and what it needs to be as it moves forward.  The fuse has been lit on this...

Secondly, while my love for Castles & Crusades has not diminished, I have never been one to be in complete agreement with the way that TLG has been developing the game nor have I been satisfied at what has happened with the fanbased Society.  I can't really change either of these but I can try and offer support in other ways.  While I don't exactly think it is the 'Rosetta Stone' of Role Playing Games, it has at least indirectly helped fuel the creation of other similar games which draw inspiration from classic Dungeons & Dragons.  With all this in mind, and the support of Brave Halfling Publishing, a small periodical will be produced which will support C&C (yet be compatible with others).

The idea of developing a periodical through Arcana Creations is hardly new and I have discussed this on and off shortly after the start of 2010.  However, I realized that the scope of that project is much too large and resource intensive to even contemplate taking on.  This periodical shall be short, inexpensive, and regular.  More importantly, it is secondary to regular projects Arcana Creations is working on.  I had a working title for it -- until I realized it was already a registered trademark of another periodical.  I guess it will remain unnamed for now.  :)

Aside from those two projects, Arcana Creations will be converting some of its material for the Pathfinder RPG.  While it is not my game of choice, it would be foolish to ignore that many do play and buy Pathfinder products.  Talks are being finalized with someone who will be doing the actual conversion work which will leave me be to focus on the more important objectives.

At this point, I would like to extend my thanks to the following people (in no particular order) who have encouraged me in these difficult times:

John Adams, Keith Hackwood, Bill De Franza, Mike Stewart, Todd Pote, and Robert Doyel



  1. Hi Pat - I second John's sentiment - good to have you back indeed