What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Arcana Creations Presents...

Arcana Creations, in collaboration with Brave Halfling Publishing is pleased to announce the development of 'Ballista' -- a periodical geared to support and expand one's preferred Fantasy Role Playing Game.

Ballista is about providing both the basics and various options which can be applied or used with a variety of games which are, at the very least, inspired and derived by the original fantasy role playing game pioneered in 1974.

Despite the various versions and editions published since then, much of the core has remained the same. The game simply continues to be played and enjoyed. It is our hope to provide a gaming journal that will appeal to fans of this sort of RPG due to the high adaptability of the material we hope to introduce. With this in mind, Ballista will continue to support TLG's "Siege Mechanic" while still be completely adaptable to other rule sets such as BHP's upcoming "Delving Deeper".

The first issue will be the April 2011 issue and will be available exclusively through the Brave Halfling Publishing storefront at RPGNow! and DriveThruRPG (part of OneBookShelf.com) with each issue following every second month thereafter. Purchase options will include PDF and/or Print-on-Demand. Price has yet to be finalized but it looks like the PDF version will be making its debut at $1.50

On a personal note, I am very excited about this project. I was an early supporter with the fan community effort which put together the issues of the Domesday fanzine for C&C -- an effort which unfortunately never saw the release of the fifth and final issue. I have always believed that there was more in common with all the various game flavors we played than there were differences. I sincerely wished for the Domesday to reach a wider audience than it did but, being a community project, many different factors played against each other. With the Ballista, and Brave Halfling Publishing's support, I believe I can now successfully move forward with some of my ideas.

Here's hoping that many others will take the trip with Arcana Creations and myself!


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  1. Very nice and I'll stay alert for more info about Ballista.