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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ballista Outline

There are three versions being planned currently, a light version, the regular version, and a possible 'deluxe' version.  The light version will not have all of which the regular version does but will be the first to be available and it will be free.  This light version will contain everything needed to get into a game quickly.  You can create characters with it and use it to run through a module intended for a 'traditional fantasy rpg'.  In all probability, the 'Light Ballista' fastplay rules will also be included in Arcana Creation's upcoming C&C module, 'Hide in Plain Sight'.

How will that work exactly?  No alterations is being done to the C&C module, the same terminology and same familiar stat blocks are all being retained.  There will be no dual stats or any of that kind of nonsense either.  However, if the person who picks up this module doesn't actually have the C&C PHB handy, they can get a game going using the included fast play rules at the end of the module.  Paper, pencils, dice, and a copy of the module will get you everything you need to play -- great for a one shot!  The differences between the C&C and Ballista system will make no difference to the compatibility.  However, some of the niftier rules options won't be included in this version of the rules.  One significant example is the lack of the alternative magic system Ballista presents -- the Light version will instead retain the classic 'Vancian' model of magic common to all these other fantasy RPGs.  There will be other differences as well but the key thing to remember is that this is the Light version and it is being kept deliberately so to minimize page count yet retain usefulness to someone wanting to utilize it.

What follows is an outline of what is starting to shape up as a preliminary table of contents for the regular version.  It looks pretty standard fair when you compare it to other traditional fantasy rpgs:

1.0 Introduction
1.1 How to Use This Book
1.2 Basics of the System

2.0 Character Creation
2.1 Attributes
2.2 Building Archetypes
2.3 Races & Heritage
2.4 Skills & Abilities
2.5 Final Touches

3.0 Equipment
3.1 Arms
3.2 Armor
3.3 General Goods
3.4 Services

4.0 Magic
4.1 Sources & Influences
4.2 Vancian Law
4.3 Spellcraft
4.4 Resistances

5.0 Rules of Play
5.1 Skill & Task Resolution
5.2 Saving Throws
5.3 Basic Combat
5.4 Combat Modifiers
5.5 Combat Manoeuvres
5.6 Hazards

6.0 Campaigning
6.1 Experience & Progression
6.2 To the Dungeons
6.3 To the Wilderness
6.4 To the Open Sea
6.5 Rules of War

7.0 Bestiary
7.1 Classic Monsters
7.2 Creature Templates

8.0 Relics & Rituals

9.0 Setting Templates

As far as a possible 'deluxe' version is concerned... it all comes down to how things go with the regular book.  Sections 6.5 as well as much of the material from chapters 7, 8, and 9 might get bumped to a deluxe version.  For those curious, section 6.5 is a mass combat system which I would like to do but may really be beyond the scope of the project.  A lot of things to consider but *if* it ends up in a deluxe version, this hypothetical version won't see light of day anytime this year.  It could also be very well dropped as I concentrate on the core aspects of the book.  Remember, the idea of the book is to be used as a companion volume with your traditional fantasy rpg of preference as opposed to a replacement.  I just want it to be 'self-sufficient' as well.  :)


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