What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend R&R: The Mortality of Green

Like the Fantastic Adventure (HERE), the Mortality of Green was first published in July of 2000 and, it too is being given to backers in the current C&C Kickstarter (ending tonight).  The Mortality of Green is a fun, simple adventure which can typically run in a single good-lengthed gaming session.  It is set in three parts where-in the first Act sets the stage of the adventure, the second Act is essentially a chase / pursuit, and the third Act is the final show-down between the party and what ends up being a Troll Lord and his forces and then an evil sentient tree.

It is an excellent adventure for new and inexperienced players and stands out as it is not a dungeon-crawl.  It is entirely and outdoors / overland experience where the players get to learn more about the setting of Aihrde (the default setting for C&C).  That said, the adventure can be a bit tough if trying to run it for a party lower than the 4th to 6th level party recommendation.  However, it is also an adventure that can easily be thrown into a campaign -- perhaps even in between destinations of a larger and ongoing story.

As simple as the adventure might seem, it is some of the set encounters which will make the scenario memorable.  In this case, it is the form of an old, half-crazed gnome fisherman.  When I first ran the module for C&C, this was the encounter that stood out and gets talked about years later.  It was a purely role-playing experience for them and between that, the chase, and the final encounters, this adventure became an instant classic.

Mortality of Green has gone through a few incarnations and, it is likely that fans of C&C have already come across the adventure before.  A pre-d20 version and a d20 version were produced and, with the initial release of C&C, the Mortality of Green was one of the first adventures made available for the system.  It never really went out of print and has always been available in one form of another.  However, the layout / look of this version to be included with the Kickstarter promises to harken back to the original look of the module (albeit for C&C).  As something that is signed by the author, some gamers will be happy to have this in their collection even if they have a more 'modern looking' C&C version.

If you don't care for the Kickstarter but don't have or would like a regular copy of the module, physical copies shouldn't be had to find at your local game store, or failing that, direct from the TLG online store.  A digital copy can also be secured HERE at RPGNow (currently on sale for $2 till the end of the Kickstarter campaign).


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