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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

All Quiet But All Good

Some of my regular readers might have noticed that my entries have slowed down the past couple of weeks... especially this week.  Nothing bad is happening, but I've been a bit busier at work *and* making sure that a bunch of things are finished off before I leave work for my vacation next week!

YAY !!

Not that I'm actually going anywhere or anything.  I decided to take a vacation since I was long overdue and my 37th birthday happens to fall next week.  Since it falls on a Tuesday this year (celebrating a birthday on a day other than Friday, Saturday, Sunday just sucks), I decided to take the whole week surround it off for a bit of a break.

I plan to catch up on some much neglected gaming (LA Noire is something I've been playing on and off for the past few months), catch up on some sleep, and generally take it easy.  I also intend to get a bunch of work done on both the Hide In Plain Sight module for C&C (preliminary layout work always takes longer than I would like) and aspects of the Ballista system.

Of course, during this week, I will also take a bit more time to write to my readers in my blog and maybe go into a bit more depth on direction that Ballista has taken and a few other things shaping up with Arcana Creations.

It will be a relaxing week and despite my commitment to get a lot of work done.  Working on these projects is just different and not anywhere near as stressful as my 9-5 job.

On a related note, I just received a message inquiring about new Arcana Creations releases and how much past ones were very much enjoyed.  I must say that it is encouraging to see this now and again despite the amount of time that has gone by since the last release.  To all of you, thanks for keeping the faith!


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