What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Castles & Crusades Kickstater Ends Tonight!

Troll Lord Games' hugely successful Kickstarter is winding down and and set to end tonight.  With an initial funding goal and a couple of important stretch goals, the campaign blew past these and is bringing quite a lot of goodies to the gaming table for those that back it.  I've already written a couple of times about it (HERE and HERE) and this is where it stands now (at the time I write this).

The original goal was set at $15,000 and they currently have over $67,500 raised.

This enables all three core books to be reprinted (new printings with corrections and very minor revisions) in full, high quality color.  For previous fans of the game, with the exception of the 5th printing of the Players Handbook, all books were black and white printings.  This campaign effectively 'raises their game' as it tries (presumably) to gain a better foothold among existing and potential newcomers to the game.  The system is solid but some might have actually been put off by a non-color treatment in the past (as silly as that might sound).

Of course, being a full color production makes it endearing amongst current fans as well and this is likely one of the reasons why the crowd-funding campaign has been doing so well. The other reason would be the amount of extras being collected and offered up.

Anyone who pledges a total of $99 or more certainly stands to make out like a bandit and this level certainly has the best bang for your buck.  These extras include Character Reference Sheets, 5 adventure modules (signed by the authors), Jim Ward's Elemental Magic, Jim Ward's Solar Magic, a complete set of 10 C&C dice, a custom flash drive with digital content, Arms and Armor Resource Guide, a Book of Epic Level Play (expanding character content up to level 24), the first three levels of the Aufstrag megadungeon, a poster, a slipcase for the three core books, a printed index guide for the core books, a dice cup, and the Abyss Walker Anthology (digital).  The rest of the content will equally be included on the flash drive as digital copies to complement these physical copies.  With just a few hundred dollars left to go, another larger poster is about to be unlocked featuring the art of Peter Bradley (principal artist for the Castles & Crusades line) signed by the artist.

All in all, quite a haul.  And, if you live withing the US.  An absolute steal given that shipping appears to be included!  Sadly, for those of us outside the US, this typically means a higher tally when everything is done but at least it won't hit you all at once.  TLG will contact you after the campaign is done to settle up on the shipping in order to send you your goodies when the time comes.

The turn around for the project is the only thing I am slightly concerned about.  I have no doubt that everything will be released of course but the goal is to have the three core books ready for GenCon this year.  Which completely makes sense of course and I'm sure it can be pulled off.  However, given the extras, I half expect to see these larger packages to ship out after Gen Con in mid-August.

Even if delayed a bit, it's still a great turnaround all things considered.  If you are interested in joining the looting party, you can check out the Kickstarter Campaign HERE.


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