What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Last Roll of the Dice

Having considered the options on my present, non-functioning, computer, I came to the conclusion that I might need up to a couple hundred dollars to get it back in working condition -- assuming that there was no other heat damage.  The system was three years old and being the type of person I am, I have a tendency to my computers.  A 'typical' lifespan for my computers tend to be about 4 years before hardware gives out.

I have also noticed that not having a computer for the past few weeks has given me a chance to consider a few things with Arcana Creations which is just one of the reasons I need a computer.

Late in 2012 and earlier this year, I already started to shift priorities for the studio and, very recently had started to settle on a much 'smaller scale' production. I've also being doing different things which represented a change of focus such as a more prominent blogging presence and the Domesday e-zine for the C&C Society just to name a couple of examples.

I also have various pieces largely ready for publication but their 'final form' was still in question.  Demand for said material is another consideration.  Now that I find myself without a computer and contemplate the unexpected costs involved for an earlier than foreseen upgrade, I realize that Arcana Creations needs to finally step up its game.

In short, I need to put some shit out!  ;)

Usually, additional costs are something that I end up paying out-of-pocket but given the cost of a new computer, I need to be careful and conservative with regards to the studio's largely non-existent budget.  With a bit of wheeling and dealing and a bit of luck, Arcana Creations is back on track and I should have the new system running by the end of this month.

So... what next?

For starters, the winter issue of Domesday will be out in early spring with the spring issue released a matter of weeks after that.  Once the spring issue is complete, a compilation will be put together collecting the last 4 issues which will be available via POD.  Should there be sufficient interest, I will also look at doing the same with the earlier Domesday issues.  Beyond the compilation, I am considering stepping down and passing the torch to someone else.

Secondly, I am launching the 'Ballista' label this year.  These will become Arcana Creation's primary releases and will be material focused on an OSR-Compatible system to be used in *your* game of choice.  The releases will be largely electronic (PDF) as well as a much more finite amount of art work -- both to cut down on production costs which will bring down the cover price.  Limited Print-run releases for the line will also be done since I realize that some people simply prefer a physical copy and others are collectors at heart.

Besides the Ballista line, there may be the odd project I do with other systems as the need and desire warrants .  For the Castles & Crusades fans out there, rest assured that material released in the Ballista line is Siege-Compatible.  There will be no issues in using this stuff in C&C.

I expect 3-4 Ballista releases out by year's end, on top of the remaining two Domesday issues I committed to doing.

In the weeks and perhaps months ahead, I will also look at clearing out more of my gaming collection.  It will free up some shelves... possibly quickly refill the coffers and maybe do a couple more things I would like to do but currently don't find myself in a position to do properly.  A few years ago, Arcana Creations collaborated with Brave Halfling Publishing to put out a nice and successful little module entitled, 'The Secret of Ronan Skerry'.  I want to do more of these little gems and go even further to put out material that I will enjoy putting together and others will enjoy reading and using.

Thanks you all for your support up to now and stay tuned for what's next.



  1. Sounds good, Pat! Looking forward to Ballista. I read part of the character creation chatpers (I'm saying this to other people who are not Pat) and they're really cool.

    It would be really cool to see AC publish a module for C&C too, perhaps one that's carefully designed to allow each of the four base classes at least one moment to shine, and to have at least one encounter where really weak humanoids can be a huge headache, there's a puzzle or three, and while it's got a cool story that may set up a sequel or five it can be pretty loose and sand-boxy, too.
    That would be a really cool thing to publish.

  2. I'd like to make it clear, in case it's not, that in my previous post I was aiming for that sweet spot between brotherly good natured ball busting and ad copy that 'teases' an upcoming product.