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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eyebot - Painting Guide

Last week, I decided to do an interesting model I recently got.  It's called an 'Eyebot' but it doesn't belong to any particular line or game.  I did think it was kind of neat though and it was fairly quick to paint.

I started off with some black gesso for the undercoat (25% water / 75% gesso mix) which worked really well.  A slightly watered down gesso is quickly becoming my preference to go about priming my miniatures.  After the gesso dried, I pulled out the selection of paints I chose for the model -- once again sticking with the Citadel brand that I got accustomed to using.

For the painting, I started with a base coat of 'Leadbelcher' and the jetpack was done with 'Korne Red'  For the main part of the sphere, I chose to use 'Hashut Copper' with the accent piece and central eye piece in 'Auric Armour Gold'.  The arms were done with 'Ceramite White' and claws done with 'Abaddon Black'. The same 'Ceramite White' was used for the two circular side panels on either side.

The actual 'eye piece' which the pictures don't do any justice uses a few different shades of blues which were wetblended to got from a lighter shade at the very back to a darker shade closer to the edge of the 'lense'.

Of course, once these paints were applied, the bot had a very 'new' and polished look to it.  I felt it needed to be 'dirtied' up somewhat.  A coat/wash using 'Nuln Oil' did the job nicely.

As I mentioned earlier, it didn't take very long to do but the model proved to be very fun to paint.  I was able to get this done not prior to my system failing and have been doing some more painting in the absence of a functioning system.  I  hope to have other things to report soon enough.


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