What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reference Games

This is something of a follow-up from a recent post -- you can read it HERE.  It occurred to me that, while there will be material and different games that I will never be run, I do refer to these books on and off again.  I suppose this could compound the problem if trying to cut down in size for one's own gaming collection but, it's an important consideration nonetheless.

I've already mentioned that I play Castles & Crusades.  Actually, I've made that admission numerous times on my blog.  I have run classic AD&D modules in it and I have taken and used everything from rules, to monsters, and items and spells time and time again.  I also have used specific supplements for my C&C game -- most noteworthy being the historical reference supplements that TSR put out for AD&D Second Edition (the green splat books).  I have also sourced other material such as the Empire of the Petal Throne and various bits from Role Aids and Judges Guild stuff.  Just tons of it really.

I use a lot of this material and take other bits of it in consideration when I do something connected to Swords & Wizardry as well since, for me, it's sort of a no-frills baseline.  On the other hand, I don't do anything at all with the DCC RPG.  I have it because it's just cool.  ;)

Beyond all this stuff, and by extension, Amazing Adventures (currently running as a Kickstarter right now for the new printing and additional books over HERE), is also great resource material for my favorite 'go-to' FRPG.  Lots of great stuff and this game has the best rules for Firearms compatible for C&C (and other D&D type games) that I have seen.  That said, I doubt I'll have my part of adventurers encounter an Nazi soldier firing an MP-40 at them any time in the near future.  Or... maybe I will... I mean if some of those classic TSR adventures has laser guns, why the hell not!  ;)

Beyond that, I have other games with 'support material'.

I have a couple of generic d6 RPG books and I use Star Wars d6 by WEG as my support / reference for it.  For Call of Cthulhu, I have Chaosium's Basic Core Book as well as a previous edition of Stormbringer and Rolemaster.  I have Cortex Core and the original Serenity RPG and the Hackers Guide (for Cortex Plus) along with the Marvel Supers RPG they put out.  I have a bunch of Savage Worlds stuff which includes some Beasts and Barbarians stuff to go along with the Fantasy, Horror, and Supers companion.

Frankly far too much stuff the more I look and I think some of this support material could stand to be thinned in the near future too.  However, it does justify owning a heck of a lot more than a handful of books.  Or maybe I just love excusing my collecting habit.  ;)


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