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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Friday, August 29, 2014

#RPGaDAY -- Catch Up (Days 10-13)

Wow.  Near the end of the month and my attempts to catch up have failed thus far.  I need to step it up a notch.  ;)

10. Favorite tie-in novel / Game Fiction
11. Weirdest RPG owned
12. Old RPG you still play / read
13. Most memorable character death

You know... the first RPG tie-ins I read were the Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends trilogies.  I devoured those books and I read them as I got started in the hobby.  They were a lot of fun and, like many other Dragonlance fans, I retain a soft spot for them.  That said, Dragonlance was not a setting that I ever spent a lot of time gaming in.

As for the weirdest RPG owned -- that's a tough one.  In many ways, most RPGs are at least a little weird.  If I had to choose one, I think it would be the TMNT RPG by Palladium.  The concept is a bit off the wall albeit fun.

Old RPG that I still play and read ... various classic iterations of D&D though mostly the B/X (Moldvay) era D&D.

Most memorable character death... while I didn't spend a lot of time gaming in the Dragonlance setting, the few times I did (and one campaign in particular) stands out for more.  I had an elven thief who developed a nemesis-type relationship with a particular villain.  It came down to a showdown where I decided to sacrifice my character in order to END the life of the villain.  The DM's look on his face was priceless -- he just couldn't believe that I would be willing to kill off a character I really enjoyed and adored in order to finish off the villain.  But it was done, and that particular story arc came to an abrupt halt by dying a heroic death.


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