What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Migration & Purge


A good part of this evening was spent sorting through file: music... pictures... videos... and documents.  I have accumulated a crapload of stuff electronically and when I was in the process of gathering these all together to dump onto a portable hard drive, I was really surprised at the sheer number of files which I was going to be backing up.  Thousands as it turns out... about 90 gigs worth.  Sure, videos and music might take up quite a bit of space but as it turns out, it looks like only about a third is actually made up of this stuff.

As I think more about it, I guess it makes a bit of sense.  Moving from computer to computer, it was always easier to back things up to migrate with the availability of media to fascilitate this.  In the late 90s, I had access to a CD burner.  This gave way to faster computers and faster ability to create discs.  Then came the DVD burner and burn speeds also improved.  Flash drive sizes began to grow and prices drop and even something like a portable hard drive makes backing this up quite easy.  During all this time, the volume of information I keep and transfer from system to system also grows till one begins to realize how ludicrous this is all becoming.

While I am not inclined to spend all the time necessary to go through thousands of files in the next couple of days, I believe I will take the opportunity to move just the things I will actually be using (and little else) when the new computer is set up.  That way, I hope to have a bit more order with my electronic filing -- even if the new hard drive is a terabyte...



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