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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

UPDATE - Arcana Creations

In the past few months, I have set up the website for Arcana Creations, been managing this blog, occasionally post on a few forums, and I'm continually devoting time and energy to producing a variety of products. All this has led me to come to a conclusion:

I have too little time to devote to many little things which aren't all that pressing to begin with.

Of everything I have going related to Arcana Creations, the one thing that has suffered the most are updates to the website. This is unfortunate since I figured that the Arcana Creations website could be a portal for information which would tie directly to the studio I'm building up and products I am releasing.

Practicality is another matter. Since Arcana Creations is putting it's material out through Brave Halfling Publishing, I don't need my own online storefront and I don't need to be too concerned about showcasing the products available for purchase. Brave Halfling Publishing is already doing a good job of that.

I also need to post a bit more on the BHP forums with the occassional, albeit brief, update.

My last update on the Arcana Creations website was just before New Year's Eve (2009) and there have only been a couple before that.

The only thing that I have been consistant on in terms of communication is the blog. My blog is actually going somewhere. Better, yet -- people are following the blog and checking up on it. It only makes sense to me to captilize on this and take this opportunity to fine-tune the how I communicate news related to Arcana Creations.

At the same time, I don't want it to eclipse the rest of the blog itself.

What I have decided to do is completely retool the website. It will still be a portal of sorts but much simpler in scope. Instead of trying to lend updates via the website, a few forums, and hint at it in my blog, I will make necessary announcements and provide updates on the blog. In turn, I will phase out 'news' from the site altogether since the site links to my blog anyway. As for forum updates, I will be more selective of what gets posted though the forums will be the best way to get a conversation going or a variety of questions asked about a given product that is being developed through Arcana Creations.

I don't anticipate these updates to interupt the flow that I've started on with the blog and, in the odd instance there is a relevant update, the header of the post will match the one I used for today's entry so that it stands out.


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