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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Picked Up a Couple of Things

I recently heard that a LGS had got a few things in stock which are of some interest to me.  This prompted a quick little detour on my way home from work to possibly pick up an item or two.  Aside from the necessary hardware and software I've recently shelled out for, I've been trying to keep other expenditures to a minimum.  Going to a hobby shop is REALLY low on my list of things I should be doing so, knowing myself all to well, I haven't been frequently them much at all.

That said, TLG doesn't have a heavy production schedule and it frequently is cheaper to buy locally that pay the steep shipping charges to send something from Little Rock in the States to Montreal up here in the Great White North.  With the exchange rate being particularly close, I typically end up paying cover price these days anyway.

The two things I wanted to check out:

The Umbrage Sage box set and Harvesters.

What also caught my eye... a second hand copy of the Chill rulebook by Mayfair Games for $8.  Invariably, the longer I stick around, the increased likelihood that I find other things of interest.

So... I cut my own trip short.  As fascinating the Chill book was, I didn't need it and the book didn't look particularly inviting either.  I admit that it was in nice shape and very sturdy -- something you don't see much of anymore.  On the other hand, as I put it back, I did notice a copy of "Kobolds Ate My Baby" for $1.  I picked it up and I ended up getting the Harvesters books as well.  I didn't see a copy of the box set there though and I figure that it probably is in someone else's possession.  Not much of a loss, I was more curious to see the box set than anything else as I already own the original modules that make up the set.

The trip to the store cost me just under $20 all in all.

I only have had a brief chance to flip through the Harvesters book which is a nicely put together little book.  There were things I saw that I liked by other things which I was a bit disappointed with.  In the next few days, I'll have a better chance to go through it and will happily share my thoughts on this blog.



  1. Looking forward to your thoughts on Harvesters. Since one of my players has an otter character, I think this is probably a must-buy for my campaign.

    If only it was available on PDF...

  2. My last two TLG purchases were also Umbrage Saga and Harvesters. I'm interested in reading your thoughts on Harvesters- on the whole I liked what was there (I'd be making a few tweaks if I ever get a chance to run an anthropomorphic game), I just wish that there was more.

  3. KAMB is a hoot! It's perfect silly fun for a day when someone can't make it or your 'real' game is getting too serious for everyone just wants a break for some reason