What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Odds & Ends

This weekend has been a hectic one.

Unfortunately, I've had to deal with a nasty cold for the past few days but I seem to be on the mend.  Despite this, we (my significant other and I) received a house guest this weekend and we attended a 'Murder Mystery' themed party on Saturday night.  The party itself was a complete blast!  I think what made the evening a success was the willingness for people to have fun and roleplay the parts they were given.  It probably helps (and is telling) when the majority of the party guests are gamers in one form or another.

The development of the party and the fact that it was going to be a murder mystery was very quick -- almost last minute.  But I had role in hand, the character was a loud, boisterous, and powerful man and the owner of a Vegas casino.  So with a bit of spare time earlier that afternoon I decided to do a bit of shopping. Aside from the props we picked up for our roles, we were able to find the time to take a slight detour to the local area game store.  I hadn't been there for quite some time, probably close to a year come to think of it, but I was a bit dismayed at what I saw (or didn't see).  I guess my disappointment has more to do with the fact that there seemed to be very little which was really new.  The store had plenty of Pathfinder and D&D (4th Edition) material as well as boat loads of older d20 material still stocking the shelves since they first came out many years ago.  Sure, there were a couple of intersting things -- Jim Raggi's LotFP Weird Fantasy RPG box set was an example but at about $78, it will be there for a long time.  I did pick up a copy of Villains & Vigillantes (the new reprint) for $16.00 which was a nice addition to my collection.

So, accessories in hand and a new book for me to look through,   We went to the party and dressed and played the part giving it my all!  Prizes were given and I took the 'Drama Queen Award' for an award winning performance, as well as the 'Dressed to Kill Award' for best costume.

Aside from all that fun, I talked and shared my plans about Ballista in greater detail with my friend (and weekend guest) as well as my other half -- both of which may take a bit more of an active role in its development.

In other news , I'm happy to say that the Rogue Mage kickstarter has met it's goal with stilll 2 weeks left to go!  There are many great kickstarter efforts out there and it's alsways nice to see that kickstarters for RPG startups are permitting these things to happen and succeed.  Not much else to say though... there are a few more things that are happening but nothing I can really discuss at the moment.  My second installment of 'Weekend R&R' will hopefully be up later this evening but between all the comotion of this weekend which is finally winding down, it might only be up tomorrow night.  I've only got a couple hours before I really need to hit the sack anyway.  ;)

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