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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Horace 'Action' Jackson - Painting Guide

With the zombie game I was playing in today, I quickly painted up two miniatures to a basic tabletop standard.  Nothing too fancy but definitely nice enough to enjoy playing with for a game and still be proud of it.

The model is from Reaper's Bones line and, once cleaned, the first step was thinly applied layer of gesso.  The gesso I favor is by Liquitex since it seems to be more liquid as far as consistency goes compared to a couple of others I have tried out.

Now, I didn't have too much time to agonize over the details such as highlights nor did I want to.  It's not a mini that I will be using often and it isn't one that I am showcasing for any particular event.  My genre is usually Fantasy followed by Sci-Fi.  With a selection of a few colors, 90% of the miniature was finished once applied.

From the citadel line of paints I used:

  • 'The Fang' for the jeans
  • 'Rhinox Hide' for the skin and shoes
  • 'Abaddon Black' for the hair
  • 'Xereus Purple' for the shirt
  • 'Dawnstone' for the base
  • 'Gehenna's Gold' for the chains/medallion
At this point, we are nearly complete.  I used 'Agrax Earthshade' as a wash over everything.  The only details left over were the pistol and belt-buckle as well as the eyes.  I opted to use 'Runefang Steel' for both pistol and buckle.  I lightly washed both using 'Nuln Oil' sparingly.

The eyes were, of course, the most difficult thing to do on this model and most models which are on a 25mm - 30mm scale.  A touch of white is used with a small 'pin prick' of black towards the center.  I didn't use a pin ... the ones I had were too big anyway.  What I use and recommend is taking a toothpick and using a hobby knife to shave of a finer point on it.  Very easy to do but the application of paint onto the mini will take steady hands and likely a magnifying glass and plenty of light.  Don't be surprised if you need multiple tries to get it right but once you do, you will be happy with the results and others will be astounded by the work.

Once this is complete, I sealed with a matte varnish.


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