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Monday, August 19, 2013

Pathfinder Red Dragon - Painting Guide

Ok... It's been a while since I last put up a painting guide. Between writing, gaming, work, I get a bit of painting done here and there but, this one has been my favorite thus far. This model also represents the second model I have painted from the Bones line from Reaper Miniatures.

Because of the difficult nature on working on this plastic (documented HERE), I have opted to prepare the module after a good cleaning by using a coat of gesso. I do enjoy working with gesso as it avoids the complications of using an spray can to prime the miniature. Cautionary note regarding gesso – it is thick but thinning it out with a larger water to gesso ratio is NOT recommended. I applied thinly and sparingly.

Now the model by Reaper was based on the look of dragon as seen on the cover of the Core Rulebook for the Pathfinder RPG. I opted for a slightly different scheme for the look of my red dragon. Once the gesso dried and 'cured' (I waited a full 24 hours), I chose to spray my model in 'Mephiston Red'. Mephiston Red is a paint in the line of Base painted by Citadel and, it is worth noting, that all the paints used were from the Citadel line. I used 'Ceramite White' for the teeth, 'Screamer Pink' for the tongue, and some 'Abaddon Black' for the bottom of the base and a bit for the interior of the mouth.

In many ways, this particular model was simpler than others I had done previously. Five layer paints were used for this model: 'Baneblade Brown', 'Eshin Grey', 'Dawnstone', 'Screaming Skull', 'Karak Stone', and 'Auric Armor Gold'.

Baneblade Brown was the most important paint after the red as this was used for the wings and underbelly of the beast. It's a light brown and critical for my next phase of the paint scheme. There were also a couple places along the dragons back that got a similar treatment. Dawnstone was for the ground in the base and Karak Stone for the rubble and broken statuary. Both Eshin Grey and Screaming Skull were used horns by doing a light wet blending effect. Screaming Skull was also used for the claws.

The so-important-next-phase involved using 'Carroburg Crimson' – a wash (shade) over the majority of the model... scales and wings alike. A generous but controlled application was done on the wings and underbelly which gives a reddish-purplish color when applied over the Baneblade Brown. This served to have these areas distinctly different in appearance while still remaining complementary to the shade of red I chose for the rest of the dragon. Also, because of how the shade allows for certain details to stand out, it made for a great effect to allow the wings to look a bit more organic and leathery compared to hardened scales. I used some 'Nuln Oil' for the claws and base.

At this point, the dragon was largely complete but the base still needed some work. I decided to try a bit more dry brushing using a couple of Citadel's Dry compounds. While I got the effect I wanted when applying 'Longbeard Grey' to the ground, I had trouble applying 'Golden Griffon on the statues head and rubble. Given the difficulties, I ended coating the majority of the surface. Once applied, I decided to use a light touch of 'Agrax Earthshade' as a wash on this same surface. It worked out nicely.

There were only two additional touches... Auric Armor Gold for the eyes and 'Bloodletter' which was a reddish glaze I applied on the red scales.

Once complete, I brushed semi-gloss varnish to seal the teeth, claws, and horns and used a matte vanrish for the rest.


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