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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rex, Dark Future Hero - Painting Guide

Last weekend, I posted a quick painting guide for Horace 'Action' Jackson (HERE) for a Zombie Survival games I was participating in.  I painted two figures for this game and, as it turns out, it was the other one I ended up using.  With that in mind, I have finally gotten around to writing and posting a painting guide for Rex, Dark Future Hero.

Like the last one, this is from Reaper's Bones line which was part of their hugely successful Kickstarter they launched last year.  The miniature was cleaned and prepared with a thin layer of gesso (a mix of black gesso and Lliquitex white acrylic gesso).  Since I was on the clock, the painting scheme was kept fairly simple.

From the Citadel line of paints, most of the paint scheme was accomplished using:

  • 'The Fang' for the jeans
  • 'Abaddon Black' for the jacket and boots
  • A blend of 'Abaddon Black' and 'Zandri Dust' for the jacket lining
  • 'Rhinox Hide' for the hair, belt, holster, and wood for the gun stock
  • 'Cadian Fleshtone' for the skin
  • 'Leadbelcher' for the gun barrel and base 
  • 'Ceremite White' for the torn shirt
  • 'Runefang Steel' for the zippers on the jacket

Being mostly complete, little else of significant effort was done to complete the model.  The main thing that was required was shading which was accomplished with a few washes.  'Nuln Oil' was used for most of the model -- skin and base were avoided when applying this wash.  I chose 'Fuegan Orange' for the base to give to give it a slightly different, almost copper like look.

I used 'Abaddon Black' again for the pupils of the eyes (tiny pin prick) and a 'Mephiston Red' for the wrist-band.  'Reikland Fleshshade' was used for the shading for the skin (and wrist-band) and I allowed some of it to pool slightly more to get a better definition of the mouth and eyes.

The model was sealed with a matte varnish from Liquitex.


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