What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

TLG's Annual Holiday Sale

For the past couple of years, Troll Lord Games has had a '12 days of X-Mas Sale' which usually was a great way to get some of their product at fantastic prices.  This year is no exception -- you can view details of the sale HERE.

While my own finances are quite tied up, I know others who would love to take advantage of this.  Some of these would make excellent gifts for your fellow gamer or even yourself.  The $10 'Christmas Cheer' is certainly good value for the dollar with three print modules/accessories and are a safe bet for the collector since these aren't out in stores yet.  What's really impressive though is the 'Yuletide Gem' at $20.  For $20 you get both the latest revisions of the PHB and M&T together in one 'flip book'.  For someone looking for an inexpensive play copy to kick around or knows someone else who is looking to try C&C, you just can't go wrong with the value.  Finally, the 'Crusading Noel' is a couple of perfect bound compilations that brings together the first 20 issues of Crusader Magazine -- a great way to get the early issues of the Crusader and keep them on the shelf.

There are a total of 12 different offers to look through and consider.


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