What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


UPDATE: This lot has been sold but thanks for looking.  If you decide to follow this blog, know that there will be other sales coming in the months ahead.

A couple of weeks back, I posted a list of sale for a series of Dungeon Crawl Classics modules.  I've had a couple of inquiries and, while I have not had a buyer step up, I did get some feedback from a few other parties.  As such -- I am still selling a lot as follows:

DCC 0 - Legends are Made, Not Born
DCC 1 - Idylls of the Rat King
DCC 2 - The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho
DCC 3 - The Mysterious Tower
DCC 4 -  Bloody Jack's Gold
DCC 5 - Aerie of the Crow God
DCC 6 - Temple of the Dragon Cult
DCC 7 - The Secret of Smuggler's Cove
DCC 8 - Mysteries of the Drow
DCC 9 - Dungeon Geomorphs
DCC 10 - The Sunless Garden
DCC 11 - The Dragonfiend Pact
DCC 12 - The Blackguard's Revenge
DCC 12.5 - The Iron Crypt of the Heretics
DCC 13 - Crypt of the Devil Lich
DCC 14 - Dungeon Interludes
DCC 15 - Lost tomb of the Sphinx Queen
DCC 16 - Curse of the Emerald Cobra
DCC 17 - Legacy of the Savage Kings
DCC 18 - Citadel of the Demon Prince
DCC 19 - The Volcano Caves
DCC 20 - Shadows in Freeport
DCC 21 - Assault on Stormbringer Castle
DCC 22 - The Stormbringer Juggernaught
DCC 23 - The Sunken Ziggurat
DCC 24 - Legend of the Ripper
DCC 25 - Dread Crypt of Srihoz
DCC 26 - The Scaly God
DCC 27 - Revenge of the Rat King
DCC 28 - Into the Wilds

DCC 30 - The Vault of the Dragon Kings
DCC 31 - The Transmuter's Last Touch
DCC 32 - The Golden Palace of Zahadran
DCC 33 - Belly of the Great Beast
DCC 34 - Cage of Delirium
DCC 35 - Gazetteer of the Known Realms
DCC 36 - Talons of the Horned King
DCC 37 - The Slithering Overlord
DCC 38 - Escape from the Forest of Lanterns

DCC 40 - Devil in the Mists
DCC 41 - The Lost Arrows of Aristemis
DCC 42 - The Secret of the Stonearm
DCC 43 - Curse of the Barrens
DCC 44 - Dreaming Caverns of the Duergar
DCC 45 - Malice of the Medusa
DCC 46 - The Book of Treasure Maps
DCC 47 - Tears of the Genie

DCC 49 - Palace in the Wastes
DCC 50 - Vault of the Iron Overlord
DCC 52 - Chronicle of the Fiend

Price for all the above: $225 USD (Price includes shipping to Canada and continental USA).

Things to note: Nine of these modules are part of the two box set compilations that Goodman Games released.  These modules were simply repackaged in this manner and there is nothing to distinguish these from those that were sold separately.

Questions should be addressed to:

patbellavance (at) sympatico (dot) ca

This is the last call for the lot and this will not go any lower and is valid for the next week or so.  After that, I will either sell it piece by piece on ebay or simply keep the whole thing.  On another note, feel free to check out these items HERE.  They too are about to be taken off to be sold on ebay or simply kept.  If you wish to make another offer on any of these, feel free and reasonable ones will be considered but keep in mind those prices also include shipping to Canada and the States.  Some may not have much room to haggle on.  ;)


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