What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Quiet or Plotting? (An Update)

Things have been quiet on the blog but that doesn't mean I've been inactive...

Since my last post about 10 days ago, I have finalized some of my Gen Con plans (like ensuring I have that time off) and while it's since quite a ways off, I can't help but be excited.  Got my taxes out of the day and as it turns out, I'm getting a nice little refund which will help cover costs of the trip.

I (as Arcana Creations) have also supported the 'Medusa's Gaming Guide for Girls' project put together by Christina Stiles.  I thought the project a worthwhile one and I do like the work that Christina has done in the past and is committed to continuing to do.  This kind of gig isn't easy so I'm always happy to see little project like these realized, if only because I've been there and still doing 'that'.

On 'that' subject, some news in case it seems like I've abandoned a few projects.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The projects I announced back towards the end of 2013 (fourth quarter) are still happening.  The only difference is the final form that these will take are more defined than they were.  I had talked and got quotes regarding art and was satisfied with the pricing but format and further consideration means I need to tweak my requirements.  The biggest problem was capital.  I have seen too many projects get crowd-funded only to get killed under pressure, demands, and failing to deliver.  While I am all-too happy to consider crowd funding the ultimate realization of some publishing projects, I refuse to do it without proper work having been squared away first.  One of these things is art and I felt it important to have not just text in hand, but have the art paid for (at the very least) as well.  Well, the wait for that last bit is almost over.  The needed funds to pay for the art has been secured which means that will be one significant milestone accomplished.  What does this mean and where am I at?

  • Text is written and largely edited.  Some of it (there are three releases) is already in layout.
  • Art commission will be made before the end of the month.
  • Maps are about 25% done for the three releases

A crowd-funding campaign will start at the end of this month or early April.  I will likely use Indiegogo as opposed to Kickstarter simply because of greater flexibility as far as payment methods are concerned (Kickstarter in Canada does *NOT* use Amazon Payments and only uses credit cards.  Indiegogo accepts credit cards and Paypal).

Quite frankly, the crowd-funding campaign will be more about the physical production of the releases (through One Book Shelf services) and getting it out to backers and having copies to spare for distribution..  If, hypothetically, the campaign were to fail, I still can go ahead with the project though it may be restricted to PDF with POD option.  The other good thing about getting a lot of this stuff out of the way is that I will have a few things to show before the end of the funding campaign -- always a nice thing to see and how better to reassure potential backers right?

At any rate, things are finally shaping up on that end though my original estimates of a 1st quarter release this year is looking to be closer to an end of 2nd quarter release.

Beyond that, my own personal game is advancing though some players were a bit disgruntled at the lack of 'benefits' and magic items they were getting in the campaign thus far.  I think this is largely motivated by the death of a party member and the fact that everyone in the party doesn't have magical weapons and armor yet.  These are the types of players that may be apt to find a magic shoppe in the campaign in order to 'gear up'.  There were also questions of when their ability scores might see an increase (because third edition allowed for that...).  Let's just say that, while I can be accommodating about certain things, I don't believe an extra '+1' here or there makes a tremendous difference given how I've seen the party comport itself in game. They are having fun though so, who knows, maybe I will throw them an extra bone.  In the end, everything comes at a price.


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