What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

To Games Workshop... I'm cashing out!

A little over a year ago, I was introduced to Warhammer 40K.  Admittedly, it was all my fault; I had already been flirting with some of the GW gaming products for a few months.  Notably, these were the Citadel paints which I still primarily use and that starter box of Moria Goblins from the Lord of the Rings game served as my introduction to miniature painting.

Personally I found the quality of that kit to be a bit questionable but I fell in love with the painting of miniatures.  This is a good thing since I had backed the first Reaper Miniature Kickstarter with their Bones line.  With all this time talking to the ever helpful staff at the store, following the advice of a friend who was into miniature wargaming, I also had a chance to take a good look at some of the Warhammer miniatures they had on display.  They looked pretty awesome but the prices on the other hand did help my resolve to stay away.

At least until someone offered to split a box of the Dark Vengeance starter kit.  All they wanted was the Chaos forces... I would get all the Dark Angels, rule book, templates, and dice.  Given the price which worked out to $50 or so, it was a pretty good deal.  I also was rapidly running out of stuff to paint and my Reaper order was still months away.

That's when it started.

A short time thereafter, I found the Miniwargaming site and became a member.  Becoming a member meant additional discounts and, combined with their daily deals and free shipping, my Dark Angels rapidly grew into a sizeable force and suddenly, I was starting to get too much to paint.  I routinely saved 30% of most models; it was never lower than 20% and, on occasion, it was as high as 40%.  I eventually got the overpriced rulebook (for a reasonable price thanks to discounts) and picked up the Dark Angel Codex.  Things were looking up and I could hardly wait to try my first game once I had the larger bulk painted.

Then things turned horribly wrong somehow.

It started with Games Workshop outlined new policies which effectively killed the online retailer and bits market.  Discounts became much harder to come by.  This annoyed me but, by this time, I had most of what I wanted.  Besides, it was a new game and I had plenty of stuff to paint (really too much stuff I realized when my Reaper Bones came in) and a lot of stuff to read up on as I was digesting both rules and fluff.

But now, after being 'in' for just over a year and with 6th Edition being out for around two years, GW is pushing out a 7th Edition and this new edition is even pricier than the last.  Some of the changes being talked about seems more different than I would have liked.

So, what am I to do?

Well, I looked at my shelf and the multitude of boxes that are *STILL IN SHRINK WRAP*, consider the prices that the stuff sells for (and thank my lucky stars that I got almost everything at a discount), and decide to cash out.  I have about $500 worth of models that I am selling (and have already found a buyer for).  I'm 'losing' maybe $50 - $75 on the deal given what I actually spent and what I am getting in return so I'm happy with that.

The models are still beautiful and I'm keeping the few that I've already painted and still have enough to have a full Ravenwing Squardron and an impressive Deathwing force.  I'll still be able to enjoy the occasional Warhammer 40K match and painting some nice models which will eventually be part of a display.

However, Games Workshop that likely has had problems getting new people interested in the game is managing to alienate some more.  Models are just too expensive and the price of the new rulebook is outrageous.  Come out with an affordable rulebook that people can buy outright -- something akin to what's thrown in to the starter sets.  A book with just the rules and light on pictures and art.  It doesn't have to be hardcover either.  Maybe then I'd at least pick it up and maybe make more of an effort to play the new edition.  Right now, I just feel like I'm being taken for a ride and I feel that cashing out (while I still can) the best option available right now.  In the short amount of time I have been dealing with Games Workshop products, I keep on seeing countless examples of shameless cash grabs and endless price increases.

I bailed on TSR on the early 90s because I got fed up with their shenanigans and I'm jumping ship here too.  Time to consider other avenues for some wargaming.


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