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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Networking (Computers)

I hate it.

For the past couple of what ended up being very long evenings, I have playing with the network I have setup in my home.  A few weeks ago, I switched TV providers so that all my communication and digital needs came from the same source and while most things worked well enough, aspects of my home network I had in place (such as the ability to stream from my computer over to my XBox (wirelessly) via my modem and router) were longer working the way they should.  Something was causing connectivity issues for my XBox (it's really the entertainment hub for the household as opposed to just a videogame console) to be spotty at best.  Worse yet, the new setup was blocking all attempts to for it to 'talk' to my PC.  I've also had my network printer effectively 'reboot' my router when turning it on a couple of times.  That was really disturbing.

After several attempts and some research, I found that there was in fact a documented issue with the device which explained, at least in part, my problems.  So I went about to solve this issue by throwing another dedicated router into the mix.  Thankfully I had some backup and a decent router on hand which permitted me to use the modem solely as a modem.

A lot of problems were resolved... original functionality in all cases restored.  I found another minor issue which I can't explain and, despite everything I've done, defies all logic.  After two days, I have decided to live with this new issue and I've decided to use a workaround.

Two days (well evenings).  Not completely gone to waste but I would have rather work on either the 'Hide in Plain Sight' adventure, or do some work on the 'Ballista Rules Companion'.

At least I'm back on the two manuscripts tomorrow.


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