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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MIA ??

For those who regularly check out my blog or just look forward to my weekly series I title 'Weekend R&R', you may have noticed that the blog has been a bit quite of late.

Or maybe you haven't since if you were at GenCon.

In any event, I'm still here and I've got a couple of incomplete posts in my drafts waiting for me to get back to.  My study is currently a disaster area as I've decided to re-organize my collection of books.  Add to the complexity of occasionally pruning a book or two in a 'discard' pile and total chaos is achieved.

Cats leaping off of book stacks does little to ease my increasing blood pressure as I aim to gain some sense of order.  Of course, I then take a second look at a the discard pile, reconsider some titles and I'm left with a truly eclectic series of books: Agrippa's "Natural Philosophy" mixed in with gaming supplements such as "GM Gems" and "PC Pearls" by Goodman Games.

Then I consider... I only really have myself to blame.  Maybe next time I should just buy another bookcase.

Just a few more days before I'm officially back blogging.




  1. Same dilemma here... recently found some more bookcases and the sickness grows... I'm beginning to fear the house will collapse under the weight of all our books! (Wife and I both collect books; our place looks like a library!)

  2. You guys just need to move every twelve months. It helps make the collection more, well, electronic. ;)