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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Minor Updates

This weekend was a bit busy and the heat killed a lot of the incentive to get a bunch of work done but things *still* got done.

Yesterday was truly a scorcher and I went to my brother-in-law's cottage for most of the day and part of the evening.  Determined not to let all that time go to waste, I brought my tablet and dock as well as some resource material to do a bit of work.  Once again I sat down to tackle the system of magic I was developing for the Ballista system.  While work was not a continuous thing (a lot of interruptions since it was basically a party) I did get a whole bunch of work done though aspects of it will require further play-testing.  This aspect of the system has been something I've been wrestling on and off for a few months now and probably represents one of the more annoying and time consuming part of the project.  The framework seems solid now and I hope that only some fleshing out will be needed but playtests will ultimately determine that.

Getting back from the cottage last night felt like we entered an oven when we crossed the threshold of the door which ended up making things slow going today and very unproductive.

Sadly, Hide In Plain Sight did not get the attention it deserves this past week and, in part, this is due to the new wave of extreme heat that has been hitting the region.  The sole air conditioner crapped out around a week or so ago so that's made it unbearable.  It is entirely likely that I'll have to do something soon to help that situation to at least get the bedroom temperature back to comfortable levels in order to at least get a decent night's sleep.

On the flip side, I'll probably contact the artist I had started a dialogue with a couple months back concerning the artwork which needs to get done for HIPS --  possibly as soon as this week since I'm about ready for it.  I pray he has a comfortable work environment.  Once the art is done, I can likely set a release date and start on pre-orders for this C&C module.

PS - The pic has not much to do with this post at all... just wanted a Lake Monster pic since I was at the lake yesterday.  ;)


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