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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blog's Been A Bit Quiet

With things on the blog quieting down, it must mean something is afoot!  ;)

The holidays are nigh upon us (or the end of the world if you believe others) and it's been a bit busy.  I've starting a new painting project and temporarily put aside the orcs.  This project is actually a gift so I cannot write much about here but I will be documenting the process with a couple of pics and have a few finished shots once done -- I need to try and wrap this up before next Friday and the priming also starts tonight!

Aside from that, there is the general hustle and bustle which invariably happens to most of us come this time of year.  I've gotten the majority of the holiday shopping done and even picked up a couple of things for myself -- an order from Noble Knight Games came in today for me so I imagine there will be some stuff I'll be talking about in there.

I also had the chance to play and read parts of the BareBones Fantasy game which will be the focus of this past weekend's (and overdue) Weekend R&R article.  Look for that in the next few hours.

I imagine that between now and after the holidays, posting may be a bit more sporadic and perhaps sparse but the blog will keep on getting updated.  :)

Not much new otherwise -- plans and projects continue to be examined and considered, and I've held off some of the work on a couple of the C&C modules that were in development and will see actual publication near the start of 2013 for a simple reason of economics.  The gaming market has changed considerably in the past 18 months but this isn't something new.  As a developer working often with Brave Halfling Publishing we've had many a conversation about what we're doing, what we're about to start working on, and what we need to shutdown to best use the limited resources we have.  But that is something I'll go into detail some other time like after the holidays.  ;)


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