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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Too Damned Hot

What does one do when it's too damn hot and this is compounded by a lot of humidity?  As little as possible.

I'm enjoying a long weekend here in Canada ... since I am a resident of the province of Quebec, the 24th of June is recognized as a National Holiday.  Because it falls on a Sunday but it is considered a statutory holiday, I get Monday off.  And being smarter than the average bear, I made sure I took today off in order to get me a 4 day weekend.

Sadly, it's a lot hotter than I anticipated it to be today which means I'm not doing much work on my computer.  I've got no A/C in the study and, it's a small room with not a lot of air circulation which only gets hotter when the computer is on for an extended period of time.  In short... 'ugh'.

But some stuff is getting done -- I've had to sort through a mess of miniatures and other gaming supplies and, with a tablet I can port with me to the only air conditioned room in the house, I can still blog, keep up to date with what's going on online, and jot down ideas and continue working on stuff in a notebook with a pen.

We should be getting a bit of storm activity between now and the next couple of days which should help to break the heat right now.  In the meantime, I do have  a game to look forward to tonight -- a friend is hosting and running the game and he's got the A/C on full blast.