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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick Rules: Initiative Options

Initiative.  This simple word uttered by a GM create an almost pavlovian-like response amongst most seasoned players evidenced by the reaching for some dice.

Way back in the day, I rolled initiative using a d6 for Dungeons & Dragons.  The higher the better.

At some point there was a realization that 2nd Edition used a d10 and that different things (optionally) affected initiative.  These would include such things as spell casting and weapon speed.  The lower the better.  Despite this, we ignored these options and continued with the classic d6 method for years.

With 3rd Edition, we switched to a d20 because everything used a d20.  The higher the better but this time you also added your Dexterity modifier to it.

Finally came C&C.  I've tried different things with it.  I've done the d6 things... and then I did the d20 thing (no modifiers).  The book details d10 initiative with higher being best (the roll does not get any modifiers.

What has worked best for me in the end?  I went back to d20 based initiative and allowed for Dexterity modifiers.  In the rare instances where a 20 or more is achieved?  The character is essentially given a second attack round.  This happens only after everyone else has had a chance to act.  It's a nice, simple little rule and, given that characters in C&C don't get a second attack (unless they are a 10th level fighter), works nicely but won't be something that happens regularly either.

Now I can't be credited with this idea.  It was just something that was introduced to me in another game that a friend ran but I liked it and tried it for my own games and found it worked out nicely.


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