What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

BHP Kickstarter Announced!

Since Arcana Creations is affiliated with Brave Halfling Publishing, there are many things I hear about weeks and, in some cases, months before they happen.  One of this things is the new line of 'Appendix N Adventures' line which BHP is doing for the DCC RPG by Goodman Games and the kickstarter that was being planned for it.  Now I love the DCC RPG and it's a gorgeous tome and I've always loved the DCC line of adventure modules, owning most of them with the exception of that 4th Edition phase.  I've seen a few things and I've talked to John about this new line and can't help but be exited about it.  If you've seen and love the look and 'feel' of the DCC RPG, I think it's safe to assume you'll like this new line as well.

The best things about this:

1) At a mere $5, you snag yourself a PDF of the first adventure, "The Ruins of Ramat" for the DCC Game.  Handy if you're the type already lugging around the large DCC RPG gamebook.  ;)
2) At $10, you get the a physical copy of the adventure plus a PDF copy, a Supporters Poster, and shipping is included (including international).
3) At $20, you get all the above PLUS a limited edition of a new adventure (never to be released electronically or retail distribution).  The best part is that anyone who pledges at this level gets every single bonus goal reached.

Now, you may be wondering why this is such a big thing and, despite my praises and scorn of various Kickstarter efforts, why I think this is a good Kickstarter.  It has nothing to do with my friendship and partnership with John and everything to do with the original goals and spirit of Kickstarter.  The goal of this particular Kickstarter is to help launch the line.  The line will be launched one way or the other but the reality is that it can be expensive to do.  A bunch of resources have already gone in to cover the artwork and other work that has already been put towards the project to make this a reality.  The first release has an extremely reasonable goal of a mere $1000 to help with publishing and production costs.  As of right now, a day into it, half the goal has been reached.  It is the bonus goals which may turn out to be extremely interesting.  Each bonus goal reached goes towards the production of a new module in the line.  At $20, you already get the first module plus the limited edition adventure and really, given shipping is included, you've easily covered your initial investment since I don't know how this kickstarter will not meet its basic goal.  But at a simple entry level of $20, you potentially get another 3 modules (all destined to be released in distribution) and a box to keep them in.

In short, these are very accessible goals and additional funds all go towards the product line and, at $20 -- all very achievable.  Naturally there are higher tiers, some which are clearly geared towards the collector while others are geared towards those looking for something more 'unique'.

I have to say that I really am happy to see how this Kickstarter is set up and, while I applaud other efforts, it's nice to see that this one is very accessible to those who want to support the project but can't afford to pledge too high an amount in order to get a physical copy of a product or, is otherwise, a bit impractical.

Anyway, check out the link to the Kickstarter found HERE if you're even remotely curious.

A couple of last points: Don't play the DCC RPG?  The material is easy enough to convert pretty much 'on-the-fly' and it shouldn't present any problems if you are using a different system.  Wasn't the 'Ruins of Ramat' already released for other systems?  In short, yes but the content is not the same from previous releases either.  The C&C version which Arcana Creations put out was much expanded from the 'Original Edition' and first version of the scenario.  This version is similarly changed as far as the dungeon layout is concerned and there are differences in the art as well (which looks absolutely awesome).  The main points are the same and given the nature of the adventure, it makes for a perfect 0-level adventure for the DCC RPG.


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