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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ballista Update

About 6 weeks ago, I gave more insight on the Ballista Rules Companion I was putting together (Feb. 17th to be precise). I've hit a couple of snags along the way as far as design and writing is concerned but this is something to be expected. Actually, I'm relatively on track with the progress and where I might be behind in one section (I broke down the design and writing into three phases), I'm finding that I was able to make a bit of headway in other sections. The only thing I am behind on is the initial playtest introduction which focussed on character generation. By now, I had anticipated that I would have started some of the online testing and would be getting ready to start testing other aspects of the system by early April (which is pretty much next week).

However, barring any serious problems encountered in playtesting when it does start, I don't foresee a huge impact on when I figured I'd be finishing this up by. Besides, this is entirely my own work and it's not like people have pre-paid any money for this thing. Where did I get this initial time frame? Besides judging the work that still needed to be done, I really wanted to release the Ballista Rules Companion within a few weeks of the AD&D reprints. Apparently, WOTC has bumped the release of these to July. Guess this means my little book will likely make it out before the AD&D reprints if my luck holds out. :)

The website and/or this blog will get a redesign in the days ahead and I should have fixed dates for the playtests for the first stage and details on how to get in on it. With Easter around the corner, these will start sometime *AFTER* Easter weekend.


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