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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Boxes & Snow

The past week has felt like a slow one as I considered the various blogs I follow. Not much news in terms of new releases I personally would be interested with either. But I did see one yesterday of note:

Brave Halfling Publishing has released and started shipping the 'Old-School Gaming Boxes' featuring art by Erol Otus and, as a surprise reveal, a box featuring art by Pete Mullen! The boxes look great but there was one that I noticed which admittedly disturbed me in the pictures and the video so I address this question to John:



Montreal, Canada gets its fair share of snow (as does the rest of Canada) but it isn't the frozen wonderland that some people who live outside of Canada sometimes assume it to be. I've been lucky this Winter but it looks like this week we got a reminder that we *are* still in Winter -- not early Spring like previous conditions would have led us to believe. Plenty of snow covering the ground ... no grass of any sort. Now, back to the boxes...

The look great and, some of you may wonder what the appeal is about these boxes (aside from the cool art). Some of you may even consider the prices for the boxes a bit on the hefty side (I don't -- box sets are usually more expensive BECAUSE of the boxes). Why would people want these?

Well, it's no secret that segments of the OSR community have love the original D&D box sets... They were digest sized and we have seen many products and releases continuing in the digest format. It's just simpler to put together isn't it? Of course there is a convenience about the size itself. Over the years, I have collected a bunch of digest sized 'indie' releases. In order to protect them and not lose them, I tend to put them in digest box sets I already own. Unfortunately, I don't own many and the ones I do already have a bunch of stuff in them! A couple of this boxes would help me out immensely -- just the multiple digests that James Mishler put out before AGP closed its doors would easily fill one of these boxes.

If you are like me and need a slightly more elegant storage solution, be sure to check them out HERE.


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