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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FOR SALE - HUGE Star Wars D6 Lot

Ok... over the past couple of months, I had a couple potential buyers for this but neither worked out. I've decided to see if anyone is interested on the forums.

This is the classic Star Wars RPG developed by West End Games and I would *love* the opportunity to see to fan or someone who is curious about what made this game so great. These are the books in the lot and they represent 32 titles in all - 10 hardcover and 22 softcover:

- Best of the Star Wars Adventure Journal: Issues 1-4
- Classic Adventures – Vol.1
- Dark Empire Sourcebook (HC)
- Dark Force Rising Sourcebook
- Death Star Technical Companion
- Fantastic Technology: Personal Gear
- Fantastic Technology: Droids
- Galaxy Guide 01: A New Hope
- Galaxy Guide 02: Yavin and Bespin
- Galaxy Guide 03: The Empire Strikes Back
- Galaxy Guide 04: Alien Races
- Galaxy Guide 05: Return of the Jedi
- Galaxy Guide 06: Tramp Freighters
- Galaxy Guide 07: Mos Eisley
- Galaxy Guide 08: Scouts
- Galaxy Guide 09: Fragments From the Rim
- Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters
- Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organizations
- Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens – Enemies and Allies
- Gamemaster Handbook
- Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook (HC)
- Heir to the Empire Sourcebook
- Imperial Sourcebook (HC)
- Jedi Academy Sourcebook (HC)
- Last Command Sourcebook (HC)
- Rebel Alliance Sourcebook (HC)
- Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook (HC)
- Star Wars Gamemaster Screen
- Star Wars Miniatures Battles – Man-to-Man Combat
- Star Wars Roleplaying Game - 2nd Edition (HC)
- Star Wars Sourcebook (HC)
- Truce at Bakura Sourcebook (HC)

Please note that most of these are in great shape and none are in bad shape. Now originally, I was selling the lost for $175 (locally) and then I brought the price down to $160 (also local). Anyone here that is willing to take this lot off my hands can do so for $150 USD. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED!

Yes, you read that right. I'm in Canada and will ship to anywhere in the continental US and obviously elsewhere in Canada. Shipping would not be cheap and would easily cost me $50+ and it might have to be shipped in two boxes instead of one! For the sake of trivia... these stacked represent a FOOT of gaming material! ;)

Other thing to be aware of is that the rule book is the original 2nd Edition blue cover... not the 2nd Edition Revised book.

Now, I'm not in dire financial circumstances -- I'm just been had these set aside to sell for a long time. I still love d6 Star Wars but I still have and decided to keep only a handful given how often I actually play in the setting. I just no longer need to hold on to the other 32. :)

Anyone interested can email me at arcana777 AT gmail DOT com.

Which reminds me, I really need to put an email link somewhere on my blog!

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  1. Sale is pending as it looks I have a buyer. I will update the status of this sale indicating any changes accordingly.


  2. Lot was officially sold and shipped.