What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Updates

Well, it seems like I'm doing something right. Readership on my blog seems to be up and I've even received some offers from a couple of people looking to freelance! Add to that that things are actually getting done and I still find the time to squeeze in some blogging and I'm pretty happy all around...

What's next for Arcana Creations?

Well, obviously work continues on Ballista but while I'm placing a higher priority on that, it is probable the the next C&C module will be coming out around the same time frame (give or take). Let's face it, an adventure is much easier to put out than a rule book and the only thing that might be a bit time consuming is the layout. Thankfully, I don't do the art -- just slot it in (assuming there are no problems with it). I haven't actually commissioned the art yet for it but will be looking at doing so in the next week or two. Mapping is a whole different beast as I'm the one that does these too. This is something I enjoy though it probably takes me a bit longer than a seasoned artist. But the results speak for themselves if you've seen the maps included in the "Trick on the Tain". The title for this C&C release is "Hide in Plain Sight" and I'm conservatively slotting this for a second quarter release. I do have a big question when it comes this this C&C release and future C&C scenarios that Arcana Creations releases.

Digest or Regular size?

There are clear advantages with both though one of the biggest reasons why Arcana Creations shifted to full size releases earlier on was to get stuff into brick-and-motar stores (which did happen in small quantities upon initial release). For the purposes of general use, I'm not sure what people prefer overall. Personally, I use PDF on a my tablet or to print out sections of the adventure I'm running and my physical copy of the module is left on the shelf.

So, my question is two-fold readers:

Which format do you prefer and if the format the material is printed in differs from your preference, would this deter you from purchasing it? Feel free to comment or simply find and vote in the poll on right column.



  1. I prefer products to be of the same size as the core rules. That is, if the core rules of a game are digest sized then go digest. If the core rules are 'normal' sized then go that way. The reasoning is purely aesthetic as I think it looks better on the shelf to have everything roughly the same size.

    I would still buy a product if it is of a different size but prefer some uniformity.

  2. At this point, I prefer neither; PDF is preferable. (Though a well-illustrated Nook version is bestest of all.) On my tablet, I can expand the text to the size I need, and storage - plus searching - is a snap!

    *jeep! & God Bless!
    --Grandpa Chet

  3. There will always be a PDF version of anything Arcana Creations puts out. :)

  4. I like digest sized... partially because those PDFs work nicely on my Kindle Fire.

  5. Pat, you warm the cockles of my heart, whatever that means!

  6. I LOVE the digests, but practically, the full sized are probably more usable. I'd love to see both, but of course that's double the work. If you have to pick one, make it full sized.

    Great news about Hide in Plain Sight. I'm happy to see it in print regardless of size. :-) I've been thinking, we need some setting-neutral C&C adventure modules with well thought-out encounters, interesting non-combat challenges, and fun antagonists -- ideally one that sets up a few sequels for a small campaign. So that's great news!

    (it's just like subtlety...LOL)

  7. Yes, the subtle feel of a 2x4 hitting you on the side of the head. ;)