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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Votes are IN

A week ago, I held a little poll regarding preferences in terms of future C&C related releases coming out of Arcana Creations. Aside from the voting, some of the thoughtful commentaries that have been left on my blog and a couple of forums regarding this issue have also been taken into account.

To those who participated and left me a few words and concerns regarding this issue, I thank you.

Oddly enough, I believe I have collected more comments than votes here but the results are fairly one-sided. The question asked was:

When buying an adventure module, which print format do you prefer and if the format differs from your preference, would this deter you from purchasing it?
70% of voters preferred the regular sized format with some of those voters not willing to compromise on this preference (20% of the total vote). The remaining 30% preferred the charm of a digest but would be willing to buy regardless of the physical format.

The comments were a bit more telling though with people liking the regular sized format because they were most practical at the gaming table for reference and readability. There was love for digests in the comments I received but part of this was the convenient size for the purposes to using an ereader or 7 inch tablet to view the material. I do like the look of a digest product (and it does make it easier to ship) but I almost get the impression that any love of digest over regular, physical copies seem largely due to aesthetics.

In the end, I can't argue with the numbers.

The next release and future releases will be regular size for all our C&C products when they go to print. Accompanying this will be a PDF (as usual) which will follow the same page format (Letter Size). However, since a few people mention it and because I do love ereaders, I intend to release an version with it specially formatted for them. I don't quite know how exactly the details on how this may pan out -- it might be very light on the art and just supply the necessary (text plus maps) in order to be usable in the most basic ereader. The point is, it will be something we will do and give along with the regular PDF version of the release. (Oh, and if buying direct, you get the electronic versions for free when ordering the physical print copy).

Once I have a better idea how the ereader version is working out, I will let you all know.

Thanks again!


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