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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Annoyed at Lack of Progress this Weekend

Sometimes things just don't go the way you want them.

As I mentioned in a previous post yesterday, the day was pretty much lost as I was pulled away from my work to solve a malware situation on my father's computer.

Today I actually sat down to do some work and verify a few things.  Truth to tell, while the layout and editing was going well (though slower than I would like), there was a few things that nagged at me with regards to the layout. Now, to be fair, it's the same format I had adopted for the previous modules Arcana Creations put out for C&C and it works. However, the font size I chose to use was slightly on the larger size (sitting at 10.5 pt). At the time, a few people mentioned how they preferred this size as opposed to the tend that some publishers had of using a much smaller font. The recent newsletter I put out for the C&C Society (issue 5 of the Domesday Book) used a smaller size (9 pt) thought a different font. I admit that I the slightly smaller font size looks pleasing to me and I will likely be considering this size for the Ballista line. I was also considering it for the present module and it does make a difference but I'm not liking the impact it will have on the project (being additional time). So I shelved that notion, at least for now.

I decided to turn my attention on the task of getting the maps done. Most of the maps in the products put out by Arcana Creations are usually a result of my efforts based on preliminary sketches or other maps submitted with any of manuscripts I receive. This afternoon, I started doing the abandoned church maps for the same module presently being worked on.  I like mapping and I like looking at a good finished product. The dungeon maps are really nothing fancy but i tend to keep them clean with a 'classic dungeon map' feel (black as opposed to classic blue though).  It's taking me a bit longer than I would like and I did screw the maps I was working on a couple of times which will necessitate a bunch of work to be re-done.  It's just not my day.

Now, it is late afternoon, and the sun is hitting the windows and study full on with heat and I'm tossing in the towel for the day.  This has simply not been anywhere near as productive as I would have liked it to be this weekend.

*EDIT*  After taking a couple hours to relax and cook up some burgers on the BBQ, I'm back to my computer for some more punishment. A drink or two may help me along this evening.  ;)


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