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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crazy Week

It's been really busy these past few days.  Some overtime at work this past and a fantastic concert last night (Iron Maiden's current Maiden England 2012 tour with Alice Cooper) have left me more than a little bit tired and even less time to spare.

Some bitter news came in last week -- my wife is out of work currently (pretty much a clear case of wrongful dismissal IMO) so money looks to be a bit tight for the future. However, I've chosen to try and find (and polish) a silver lining amongst those dark clouds.  Besides looking for some work, I've got her doing two things for me for Arcana Creations.  One is getting familiar with some of the layout and design software I use.  She has agree to do some layout and proofreading (editing) for me and I think she'll do an excellent job (one of her previous jobs was doing proofreading and editing).  What I'm likely to do is get her working on different material to accelerate the production of the second C&C module I have planned for this year for the 4th quarter.  Probably a good thing given I'm a couple weeks behind where I should be with the first C&C module planned.

What is exciting is that she is busy doing a bunch of research for a project we had talked about months ago for a future (2013?) release.  Not an adventure but an accessory.  Can't say more on that at this point and we're months away from a reveal but it should be pretty cool.

Don't know how long the situation will last and, I'll be honest, while I like the extra help, I rather see in happy in a financially secure job.  The best would be for her to get a job sooner rather than later but still have her help me out with the AC material.

At any rate, the weekend is finally around the corner and I'll have more for my readers then.  Please be advised that writing may be a bit sparse over the next couple of weeks as I anticipate much more overtime which is not a bad thing given finances these days.


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  1. That's rough news, Pat. I hope your wife finds work soon. It's very disheartening to be out of work and dehumanizing to be seeking it, in my experience.

    Silver is good, glad to hear you have a hand with AC projects!