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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Progress Report

This past weekend I quickly alluded to giving a bit of an update with how some of the work was going, it got late on Sunday and between how late it was and, a new episode of Breaking Bad,  it didn't happen.  Monday evening had me sucked into some overtime so here we are... Tuesday evening before I call it a night.

Despite my 9-5 job keeping me a bit busier than usual due to being short-staffed, the great news is that work is progressing nicely.  As far as 'Hide in Plain Sight' is concerned, I've hit the appendix section of the module.  There is still some revising I will do as far as layout is concerned and not all the maps are done yet and, while this project is behind my original time frame as far as the ideal period I would have liked to see this released, it is getting close to actual release.  I originally hoped to have it out by the end of the second quarter of this year which would have been end of June.  Given that art still needs to be dealt with, I'm looking something in the 3rd Quarter (hopefully end of August).

What I'm excited about though is that work has begun in earnest on the second C&C release, another adventure scenario, entitled 'The Mystery of Morfurt'.  Not only are we on target for a 4th quarter release, it may actually be released a bit earlier than originally planned.  Finally something going right with the deadlines I'm trying to put into place!!  The only reason this is possible is due to the diligent work that my wife, Marisol Charbonneau, is currently doing on the submitted MS.  She, like myself, is someone who is very 'hands-on' with the material and aggressive about achieving a higher standard of material.

Of course, it was only when she started to work on the material that she fully understood how time consuming some of the work I did actually was.  It was early on this particular MS that she found her first passage which she subsequently altered changing the meaning to what was more likely intended.  She also got a good laugh as did I.  The 'unaltered passage' read thus:

About fifteen years after the death of the young noble, a small band of clerics moved in and began a missionary from the tower.
Needless to say, we assume that the clerics began or started a mission though further clarification would benefit the reader.  It could mean that missionaries (the small band of clerics) worked from the tower or that clerics set off to on a mission.  If neither of these are correct, I may consider changing the tone and possibly the artwork to accompany the manuscript with a disclaimer of: 'Not for Children'.  ;)

In all seriousness, a missing word, improper punctuation, or even a word used improper context or an improperly chosen word can really make a difference and highlights the importance of good editing and proofreading.  I'm really happy to have the additional help when it comes to this and the layout out that comes along with it.  The Morfurt adventure is starting to come together nicely.

As a side note... still haven't 'flipped the switch' on the BHP forums.  I'm still trying to see it's its worth the effort to archive some of the stuff.


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