What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Site Revamp

This is what I recently posted on the Arcana Creations website:

It's been a while since Arcana Creations last released a physical product -- about two years to be precise. However, since the start of 2012, Arcana Creations has been a bit busy expanding its online profile. My own blog, Under Siege has seen a jump in activity since the beginning of the year with new posts averaging 2-3 times a week. I have just created a Facebook page for Arcana Creations and I'm still trying to integrate Twitter into regular use. On the downside, the Arcana Creations website has been largely ignored since 2010 and this is clearly something that has to change if I want to better communicate with my fellow gamers.
As far as releases are concerned, I have finshed general editing, layout, and design of the new Domesday Book newsletter. It is currently in the hands of Proofreaders to ensure that no stray typo has escaped my attention. Once I get this back from them, it will be unleashed to the general public. The next physical product to be released is 'Hide in Plain Sight' for C&C which is nearing the general editing and layout phase. I have no firm release date on this yet but I should be able to provide on very soon. Of course, there is the Ballista line which I've talked about on my blog on occassion and, despite some of the changes it has gone through since it was announced initially in the spring of 2011, big things are happening there.

I am cautiously optimistic and I look forward to expanding and developing more material in the near future.

Well, it took a bunch of time and I have no where near completed the work I had set out to do but it's all a work in progress.  I've also begun updating the Facebook Page I've created a couple days ago. If you like my work, want to support me, or just want to check out, please do so with my thanks!

As for my Weekend R&R -- it got shanghaied by other work so it's not quite done yet.  The curse of the long weekend is that there is never enough time. My 9-5 will be a rough day tomorrow (I expect it may end up in some overtime actually) but at least I've got a bit of gaming to look forward to this coming Friday.  In the meantime, I'll try and get that web stuff all sorted out.


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