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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heat has Broken!

The Heat has broken due to an extended series of showers and brief storm activity a couple days ago.  On the outset, these just made the weather even more unbearable as we approached a very hot and heavy level of humidity in the air on the day in question. The flip side is we were rewarded with a nice sunny and comparatively cool summer day yesterday (and today).  Naturally, the temperature is on its way back up but the break was welcome.

As such, I did something yesterday I hadn't done in a while ... load up my XBox and play a few games after supper last night.  Almost a month ago, the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim was released but yesterday was actually the first time I loaded it up.  Skyrim is still fun though, thanks to that DLC, I've got a few more hours (days?) of gameplay ahead of me to win those new achievements added to the game.

Of course, of more importance is catching up on some rest given that it's so hard to sleep in this sort of heat.  I've been going to bed considerably earlier these past few nights to try and do so.  Now that the weekend is just around the corner, I need to get a bit more work done and out of the way.

I'm closing in on the last few pages of HIPS (the module's appendix) and then I'll need to fine tune the layout a bit for some art.  As I mentioned in a previous entry, I've played with reducing the font size and I've decided to go ahead with that for this particular module.  The page count is coming out a bit higher than I had originally anticipated -- not that this is a huge issue or anything but the changes may suit something I will be trying for the layout.  If it doesn't work, I'll just scrap the new one and continue with the old one since I'm determined not to lose too much time over it.

I also think that next year, I will avoid working June and July entirely when it comes to regular AC production work.  If you can't beat the heat... then DON'T !!  ;)

As for the other things going... Not much new happened with Ballista in the past couple of weeks and the other C&C module due for the 4th quarter of this year has barely begun. On the other hand, work is moving along on the other unnamed and unspecified project.  It's nice to have someone working on this stuff FOR YOU instead of trying to do EVERYTHING yourself.

I should have some concrete news before Monday rolls around...

As a side-note, I read your recent blog entry John, and thanks for the kind words.  I am happy to help whenever I can.


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