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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Well, I sincerely hope that my fellow Canadians have been enjoying Canada Day and, for many, the statutory holiday tomorrow (Monday) as a result of the national holiday falling on a weekend.

Between yesterday and today, I've been busy on and off, largely squaring away the Domesday newsletter and looking into a few things for the AC web redesign.  This work will continue on (and off) during the course of the evening.

A few bits of news... the Appendix N Adventures Kickstarter has still a few hours left to go (around 13 at the time of writing this) and all Bonus goals have been achieved.  At this point, additional pledges really just help with the expenses that the production of this line will incur as rewards are produced and mailed out.  Personally speaking, I still can't believe that there will be NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING charges beyond the pledge no matter WHERE IN THE WORLD you happen to reside in.  It really doesn't get better than that.

I shudder at what the 'surprise' shipping is going to be like for that package coming in from the Frog God Games kickstarter being a Canadian resident.

Speaking of Kickstarters, the Traveller 5 kickstarter ended a few hours ago and the final tally is staggering.  Then again, I suppose a $100 minimum for to get a physical copy of the book helped out but it is truly dedicated Travaller fans that came out in force to support the project.  Congrats to Marc Miller and his team!  It presently holds the record as the highest funded RPG (and not Rappan Athuk which held it a few days ago). Will Orcus and his minions overcome this record setting setback?  We'll see in the next 21 hours.  ;)

As to the new website... I'm looking into a marketplace where goods can be purchased directed from Arcana Creations.  This is in part to act as a reseller of various BHP goods as well as other gaming odds and ends.  While residents in the US may not have much of a needs of such services, other Canadian (and in some cases, international) residents could find it interesting due to costs of shipping when dealing with online retailers from the US.  At the very least, it's something that I want to try and, for customers of BHP goods, it might provide another location to ship from.  Naturally, I'll gladly supply some details when I have a better idea of what's happening.  There's a few other features which I'm looking into rolling into the site but I'm still reviewing some of those options.

Enjoy your evening folks!  More tomorrow along with the next installment of the Weekend R&R.



  1. Happy Canada Day!

    I was happy to see Marc do so well with the Traveller kicstarter.

    I ended up not participating in the Ogre kickstarter because of the outrageous Canadian shipping charges.

  2. Happy Canada Day, my northern neighbors!
    This sounds silly, but I'm serious: I love every Canadian I've ever met. Nothing makes me want to move there more than the people!

    Pat, great idea to explore re-selling and direct AC sales in Canada! That sounds like a much needed service. I hope it works out well!

    And indeed, Huzzah to Brave Halfling with a smashing success for their Kickstarter!