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What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shanghai'd as Tech Support !

Well, I got started my day pretty much in a relaxed manner.

I was looking forward to getting a lot more work done on the website, a couple of articles (blog posts), and the Hide in Plain Sight module I'm still in the middle of working on.  I also was fortunate enough to get the Delving Deeper text as I had expressed interest to John of Brave Halfling Publishing of putting out something for it.  Yes... I realize it's not out and people have been waiting a long time for it but the project is in good hands over at Immersive Ink, the newest publishing partner to BHP.  But, with text in hand, I was looking forward to checking out some of the specifics as far as the game mechanics are concerned.  I don't expect many surprises being that this is a clone but the devil is in the details, so they say.  So I was looking forward to looking over the material.

I got to the point where I basically planned out my weekend and then I get the call.

It's my dad and he's having computer problems.  It sounds like a virus or trojan situation gone wild.  I figure I'd quickly look into it remotely and then do a quick search to confirm something I find.

To make a long story short, my father receives an email from UPS (in his defense, he was waiting for a package).  He clicks the link which directs him to a bogus website and a pop up appears telling him that his computer may be infected.  He installs software which then proceeds to tell him he's got about 30 viruses and trojans.  The problem is that this software *is* the trojan.  This malware kicks off all active and legitimate protection and essentially locks down his internet access.  Of course the program has an offer for a platinum version which will solve all of his problems.  It was at that point I got the call (he didn't opt in for the platinum support).


The problem can't be dealt with remotely, I will have to go over there and remove this thing while the computer is in safe-mode.  Safe-mode means no remote access will be possible.

So, I have no more plans this weekend as it is all now variable.


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