What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Thinking of Getting Into Castles & Crusades?

Readers of my blog will already know that Troll Lord Games is running a Kickstarter for their latest project.  It's the 'Codex Nordica' and it looks like it will be a great gaming addition -- not only for Castles & Crusades but for other similar FRPGs as well.

Well, a new pledge level was added a few days ago and, noticing it, I though I'd pass the news along.

It's a $99 pledge level and, with current stretch goals beaten, a nice amount of value for the dollar.  For your pledge, you get the following:

  • Digital and Print copy of Codex Nordica
  • Exclusive Adventure by Brian Young plus another 4 bonus adventures modules.
  • Name in the book
  • Viking Long House from Fat Dragon Games
  • Poster of the World of Vikings
  • Set of C&C Dice
  • Players Handbook Hardcover and PDF
  • Monsters & Treasure Hardcover and PDF
  • Character Reference Sheets (15 heavy card stock and PDF)
  • Character Record Chronicles (3 Folios)
  • After Winters Dark Campaign Setting (Print and PDF)
  • Odin’s Runes (set of 24 wooden runes)
  • Bonus PDF Adventure
Quite a bit for 3 hardbacks, a campaign folio (think of the classic Greyhawk Folio), 5 print modules and another in PDF (3 of which are of your choosing -- same goes for the PDF).  Add in wooden runes, dice, character reference sheets and folios and this package serves as an EXCELLENT way to get into C&C.

With the growing page count, the Codex Nordica isn't going to carry a MSRP of $20 anymore... it will probably be closer the $25 to $28 page count.  So, the value of the three hardbacks alone would be a minimum of $75 and if you consider the average price of their recent adventure modules which go for $7 each (assuming 24 pages), you have another $30-$35 value added in.  This puts us over the $99 pledge level.  You still have to factor in the wooden runes, dice, After Winters Dark (which alone retails for $20 though currently on sale for $10), the awesome poster and possible OTHER stretch goals left to attain.

At 300 backers (we are 29 away right now), everyone at $49 level and up get a bonus set of dice from Crystal Caste.  Those who pledge at $69 and higher get a wooden cask to hold the dice.

At $18,000  (we are at $15,764 right now), Troll Lord Games will produce the 'Kings Table' game (aka Tafl or Henefatafl) which was played by the Norse.  The pledge level determines the form you will get (PDF / Paper and wooden pieces / Wooden board and pieces) but a physical copy of the game starts at the $69 level.  You have to go all out to get an all-wooden set (meaning $125).

At that higher level, you don't automatically get the PHB and M&T books but you do get one hardback of your choice (excluding the CKG for reasons of low stock) instead of one of the extra adventure modules.  You also get an additional copy of the Codex in leather.

What makes this better is the bonus that, if you happen to reside in the States, it looks like they are covering shipping as well (this is NOT the case for International backers so please be aware of this). 

So, if you have been thinking of getting into C&C, this new pledge level might be a great way to do it.  Then again, if you already have many of the books, a lower pledge level does open up the possibility to add-on something that you may want or need.

Time is running out though with just over 30 hours left to the campaign.  If interested in pledging, you can check our the Kickstarter effort HERE.

Happy Gaming!


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