What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Loot Inbound !!!

I've received confirmation in the past 24 hours that three packages are headed my way which originated from Kickstarter / Indigogo.  All three I have already written about on this blog and are my Rappan Athuk package, my Barrowmaze II packaged, and my Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore (ADD) package.  I was lucky to have all the PDFs for those on hand but it will be very nice to see these in a manifested form and not simply digital.

I will post pictures once I get them.

Of the three packages, both the Rappan Athuk and Barrowmaze packages are what I am most eager to receive.  They were also the most costly.  Of course, Rappan Athuk will get extensive use as I start up my campaign in the next couple of weeks.  Barrowmaze will supplement the Rappan Athuk material.  Beyond these two, I will also pull from some material I have used a couple of decades ago to help paint a bit more of a background story.  The first encounter with anything 'Orcus' related goes back to the Mines of Bloodstone -- a fantastic scenario I have used *twice* before.  None of my current players have much of a clue but I'm sure I will be able to weave in some interesting story along with the great material that both of these packages will provide.

The third package, A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore, will be interesting as well but I am less eager to finally get my physical copy.  While it will be nice to flip through the pages, I suppose part of me is bit disappointed with the decisions made for the production of this book.  The book is being printed via the POD at Drive Thru / RPG Now.  Given the elevated price the backers have paid for physical copies compared to those who can just go there and grab a copy at a discount, I am glad I didn't opt for the hardcover when I pledged (compare $60 vs $30 for a hardcover from RPG Now).  However, I am happy to see it is more accessible for potential buyers than it was for people who chose to back the project initially.  Personally, I really don't think people who supported a project such as this early on should be paying significantly more for a copy than those who decided to wait till it saw a regular release.  I may be in the minority but this sort of this does affect if and how I choose to support other crowd funding endeavors for Adventures Dark & Deep (a series of three books is planned).  It might be more economical to just wait if I want to pick these other books up when the time comes.

In any event -- the book is quite good if this is the sort of book you are after and you can read about my thoughts about it HERE.

With these three packages, it's sure to be an interesting wait to receive these.


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