What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Monday, January 5, 2015

Aihrde Kickstarter - Just A Few Hours to Left!

Time is running out for Troll Lord Games' latest Kickstarter campaign and as we get closer to the wire, there are many goodies to be had plus a chance to get some other C&C material at a bit of a discount.

As it stands (as I am writing this) we are just over the 25k stretch goal to turning a book with a page count just shy of 300 pages as a full color book.  It's going to look sweet when it is done!  There seems to be rumors of a Backer Kit set up to add to your pledge once it is done but I don't know for how long and I don't want to be as presumptuous as confirming that as fact.  If you haven't pledged yet but were thinking about it, now may you your last chance and, if they do go through with the Backer Kit, even a $1 pledge will give you the ability to add-more to it after the campaign closes (once the Backer Kit is up and running).

The Best Bang for your Buck is the $69 Pledge Level which gives you the following:

  • Code of Aihrde (276 page hardback with fold out map)
  • Player's Guide to Aihrde 100+ page hardback)
  • Cradle of the World Map A and B (both 39 x 27 inches)
  • World of Aihrde Map (39 x 27 inches)
  • Darkenfold Map (39 x 27 inches)
  • Aihrde Mouse Pad
  • Aihrde Six-Sider
  • C4 Adventure Module
  • C5 Adventure Module
  • Inner World of Inzae Primer (24 page softcover)
  • Heraldic Calendard
  • Unamed Adventure Module by James M. Ward
  • Lure of Delusion Module (goal gained by having attained 300 backers)
  • An unnamed print DCC Module converted to C&C from Goodman Games (for hitting 25k)
Not too shabby of a haul -- even if you are an international customer.  If interested, you should check out the campaign going on HERE before time runs out!


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