What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:

What I'm Backing on Kickstarter:
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trapped by Grimtooth

Despite being out for years, I have had very little exposure to the Grimtooth books.  When I first got into the hobby, I supposed I wasn't aware of the books because of lack of access to gaming material in general (military brat in Germany) and, subsequently, I probably was overly supportive of just a select few games and companies with TSR getting the bulk of my financial backing when it came to gaming.  By the time I met up with ol' Grimtooth, it was through Necromancer Games' book, "The Wurst of Grimtooth's Traps".

When I saw it at my local game store a few years back, I flipped through it and thought it was cute.  I put it back though since I just didn't think I'd get that much use of it.  I already had a couple of trap books from a different series (Legends & Lairs from Fantasy Flight Games) and, aside from rarely looking through them, they just sit on the shelf.  I looked at this book as just another d20 product and I already had plenty of those books.

In the time since, maybe I missed the point.  I did eventually see an older copy of one of the Grimtooth Traps books and, having more time, it was both clever and funny.  I knew that maybe I'd never use the material in a game but, just reading through the stuff was kind of fun.  Maybe I was too hasty with that first book I spotted knowing little about the original series.

In the end, sometimes these things just end up working out.

Goodman Games who has started a crusade of sorts to restore / protect / and revive some of this older material is doing it with the Grimtooth series of trap books.  They did a great job with Metamorphosis Alpha and have announced steps to do more of this kind of worth with some of the old Judge's Guild stuff, so it makes sense that they licensed this material from Flying Buffalo to bring to us a collected works type of volume for Grimtooth Traps.

This book will be huge and thanks to busted stretch goals, even bigger for those backing a Gold Foil or Leatherbound copy.  A regular softcover or hardcover includes the first five trap books: Traps! Traps Too! Traps Fore! Traps Ate! and Traps Lite!  The gold foil hardback and leather will also get Traps Bazaar! and Dungeon of Doom! crammed in the book too (backers of regular books will get the PDF with the two extra books).  Plus there's a few extra things along with that.

Prices seems to be on the reasonable side for what is essentially a collector's edition of sorts.  Now that all stretch goals have been busted, only 12 hours remains if you want in on this.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign and pledge HERE.


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